Netflix n’ Chill with Homemade Popcorn in a Bag

“Wanna Netflix n’ Chill?”

Recently I found out about bigdawstv on YouTube and could not help loving it. This quasi-young man, Big Daws, mainly ventures to campuses where he and his team play friendly and hilarious pranks on students…asking to kiss them right away, pleading for a date while sporting a T-Shirt that says I am a virgin, rapping in Compton (and amazingly well I might add sorry Drake you can’t freestyle but I love you always) and inquiring if a random would be interested to Netflix n’ chill


Either binge watching a show (OMG Stranger Things) or snatching an old movie out of your mailbox, Netflix is killing it. And what better to do while devouring seven seasons without commericials, well eat popcorn. For some reason we have been made to believe that microwave popcorn needs to be purchased by big brands and come in boxes in plastic envelopes…nope. Guess the F**** what you can make your own goddamn microwave popcorn with two things…popcorn kernels and a paper bag. Yep.

Get a bag (it may cost you 10 cents if you live in Cali but you can always save ones from takeout) and some kernels (You can get a ton for about 3 bucks) add a fourth to half cup of kernels to the bag, fold the bag over a few times and place in the microwave. Pop for 2 and a half to 3 minutes (depending on how efficient your microwave is) remembering to stop the cooking once the popping is one second between the next or it will burn. Next, melt a little coconut oil and shake, then add some chili powder and salt and shake. Dump into large bowl, pour cheap wine that tastes good and go Netflix n’ Chill…

Other alternations to your homemade popcorn are: cinnamon sugar, parmesan and rosemary, simple butter, maple syrup and salt, coconut oil and nutritional yeast plus dried herbs, dates pureed with water for vegan caramel syrup to drizzle on top, sriracha and sesame oil…the options are endless but no Orville Redenbacher will be making the decision for you. Thank yo America and God bless Netflix.

If you are wondering, the Netflix is Tron…the original
It’s like a fort…

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