Lovely Things




Rare Monk-this five piece band beloved to Portland are all nice guys with huge talent that met in college all getting musical degrees. Their vibrant and oftentimes apocalyptic tunes make your heart soar and your life much better.

-To check out: their self titled album
-Song to listen to endlessly in the car: The Only Reason to Tour the Midwest

-Band member to adore-Drummer, Rick, because he has long hair that he rocks when drumming passionately…and is a person you want to have a beer with.


Overwatch-Blizzard’s newest computer video game is yes, still nerdy, but totally awesome. First person shooter game with a medley of sexy, fun, intense and obnoxious characters (Ninjas, snipers, a peanut butter loving ape, and a thing called Junkrat…) makes a girl who has never played Mario interested in the character’s fantastical skins (their outfits basically) and makes everyone else go nuts over its pristine magic.

character to play: Optomistic Brit Tracer

-What not to do: Fall off the map

Pour This-If you like wine but wish you could decipher between the house white and a Rhone Valley variety, this company has your back. Keeping it real while seeking out select, drinkable and one of a kind vino for a price can be worked into a budget, this wine delivery company is something to cheers to. Cute blog posts from the fresh and lively creator along with playlists and adoring proses describing the featured wine, makes you want to get tipsy off of good shit.

-Package to buy: The daily pour

-Where to drink the wine: Picnics and bathtubs

Pluto-Yeah, the not planet planet. Recently (in a space time way), New Horizons went on a mission to discover more about our banished frozen ball and the most phenomenal thing happened…the shape of a heart lies on Pluto. A heart. A beautiful, fucking heart. If you didn’t care about space, you should now.

-How to better understand this immensity: The new Cosmos 

-What to consider Multiple Universes

Movie to Watch-Walk Don’t Run Carry Grant’s last movie that captures everything a good feeling is, plus is has to do with the Summer Olympics since they are just occurring for 2016. Yes, there is such a sport as race walking…

Why: Because old  movies are great.

If not: The Matrix

Joy the Baker: This rock star baker and cook is badass and talented.

What to make: Turkey Sloppy Joes duh

When to check her blog: Every Monday for new posts

Bend, Oregon: A tiny piece of heaven, this high desert townish city is nothing like the typical Oregonian feel or like any other place…it is flawless, easy-going and chock full of the perfect evening walks, the most breweries per square footage, and is where you wish you lived.

Where to go: Atlas Cider for their apricot cider

Dine: Pizza Mondo

Wish you Were Northwest: The kind of Downy-soft shirts and sweats you want to live in while sporting verbiage across your beer belly or B-cups that you actually feel akin to, this company is creating sick clothing for both boys and girls that makes you not only want to travel to Seattle but also want to seek out new surroundings.

What to purchase: Adventure then Pizza

What to do when wearing: Adventure…then eat pizza




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