Lovely Things


Snowboarder phenom and all around wickedly dope cutie Travis Rice is popping out a new stellar snowboarding movie called The Fourth Phase. Himself along with three other adventure whores went on an epic journey using the hydrological cycle-which is basically the course of evaporation-and recorded every epic, breathtaking and freakin’ scary moment. Premiers October 2nd 2016 and can be pre-ordered for $12.99 via Vimeo or Amazon or itunes. Ready to get motivated.

If you have grown up having watched The Neverending Story at least once, then you know what I mean when I say The Nothing. And if you are like me you were too small to see it in theaters. But alas we have one chance to see the luck dragon Falcor on the big screen. Throughout the country this cult classic will be showing at major theaters on September 4th. Take your buddies, your bestie, your girly or your boy and reminiscence about Atreyu, Bastian and everything that is truly beautiful about this movie.

Canned wine whattttt! Oh and yes it is marvelous. Oregon wine company, Union, created delectable canned wines in flavors such as crisp pino gris and watermelony rose, proving that good vino doesn’t have to just come in a heavy bottle. Take these babies camping, hiking, on the river or ocean or simply home with you from Traders Joes after work because they are only $4.99 there versus the regular $5.99. Cheers!

If you haven’t already heard the beloved WB show Gilmore Girls is set to make a comeback. Four 90 minute episodes are set to air on Netflix November 25th, 2016 and I can’t wait to drink a bucket of coffee and eat Chinese food while I binge watch. Hopefully, Rory will stop being a snob in this revival and she will finally choose the right boy (Jess!) and hopefully all the fuzzy good feelings and Carol King nostalgia are as magical as when we first laid eyes and ears on this mother and daughter bonding show.

This song! Heard it at a local music festival and it blew my mind. Easily one of the most groovy songs to listen to with the eighties vibe and subtle EDM.

Paella is no longer that scary dish you wished you could or wanted to cook. This light and lovely vegan version decked out with artichoke hearts and of course that special saffron, is a perfect weeknight meal that will make you feel at least partially Spanish if not booking tickets to Barcelona.


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