Lovely Things (September 2018)

Namaste is my new favorite word and thanks to Yoga with Adriene, learning the ins and outs of being a regular yogi is just a click away on YouTube. Her beautiful and genuine approach to coaching a wide variety of students makes downward dog and tree pose accessible to anyone and everyone. Plus, what’s better than being able to get a full yoga class accomplished in the comfort of your home (possibly in your pajamas)? I have to say that in a fast-paced world where the regular reverberations are of working on your body and forcing yourself to fit into a shape not made for you, yoga is a breath of fresh air that invites one to consider a different point of view.


Joji is a reincarnated prankster who although got famous being grossly ridiculous is now showcasing that his true calling is via tugging at hearts strings through epic lofi music. His dreamy songs have a vibe of their own and are the perfect accompaniment to a long drive or floating in the background. His creations are also exquisite for combining with other genres and moods-a true DJ’s treasure. Joji’s beautiful vocals and melancholy lyrics are nothing what one would expect from such a jester.

Song to not miss: Don’t Rain On Me


Sacramento-based (wahoo my home city) food blogger, Naturally Ella, is reinventing superb vegetarian fare. Her rustic and homey approach to cooking is both mouthwatering and welcoming, taking her readers through lessons on grain’s individual qualities, twists on flavors, and how to stock your pantry so that you can whip up a scrumptious supper any night of the week.

To cook: Brussels Sprout Pasta with Lemon Cream Sauce

Explore an Ingredient: Parsnips


Being four months pregnant has got me pining for willowy attire and Love and Confuse is right up my alley. But this natural and ethically made clothing company is not just for the blossoming mother. Their light and yet flirtatious pieces would be perfect for any body type and season, from fluttery blouses to regal muumuus and flouncy jumpsuits, there is no occasion where you can’t be both fashionable and utterly comfortable.

To purchase: Aurora Jumpsuit

Where to shine: your next wedding invite or holiday party


Okay, okay, I love vino and I love getting tipsy on the perfect occasion but sometimes (ahem, while pregnant) I still want to sip a “cocktail” that is alcohol free but not loaded with sugar and resembling a fruit smoothie. Canadian company, Seedlip, has got us sober gals and guys covered. Their grain-derived artisan spirits are calorie, sugar and booze free and yet offer the perfect notes of citrus, herb and spice for a truly refined mocktail. Their price point is affordable and their bottles are exquisitely modeled to fit into any high-end cocktail cart. Hello New Years!

To try: Grove 42

Mix with: Fresh orange and lime, sparkling water, bitters and a dash of simple syrup. Garnish with mint.


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