Warp, a time travel romance: Novella Giveaway


I just published my second story via Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing entitled Warp, twisty novella about time travel. I am so excited to share this piece with the world and I hope the world likes it back! It is only a buck on Amazon for Kindle download (you can simply install the Kindle app for free on any device) but I can’t control the price of the novella on Audible. However, I can give away several audio books. To get your free Audible copy of Warp follow the instructions below using on of the 10 promo links provided. This is first come first serve:)

Go to my book’s page on Audible.com: https://www.audible.com/pd/B07GX25B37
2. Add the audiobook to your cart.
3. If you are prompted to sign in, please create a new Audible.com account or log in.
4. Go to https://www.audible.com/at/redeem. Enter the promo code and click “Redeem” to receive a credit for the title in your cart.
5. Head back to your cart. Make sure the button that says “1 Credit” is selected and that your subtotal reads $0.00 dollars.
6. You may proceed through the checkout by clicking “Proceed to Checkout” and “Complete purchase” on the subsequent page.

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The Short Lives of Lobsters: Animated Short

Oh my goodness I am so excited about this! Recently, I blogged about publishing my short story, The Short Lives of Lobsters through Kindle via Amazon. Well, I decided to create the piece into an animated sort of music video! Perhaps this is the beginning of melding art forms and marketing books with animated shorts! Perhaps this is just how I want to do it but nonetheless the result is beautiful, breathtaking and perfectly represents my tiny post-modern tale about a man who loses his emotions. The animated video is created by Zachary Winterton of ZSW creative and artwork by Chris bigalke of Showdeer  song credit goes to Rare Monk, “Join the Sea” off of their college album Falconer’s Folly.